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Guaranteed rest and relaxation at the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

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Sleep has always been synonymous with rest, comfort and a time to recharge our batteries ready to face the day ahead bursting with energy. Healthy sleep habits are as important as eating well and working out each day, as although our mind and body switch off while we sleep, our vital organs remain hard at work. Read full article

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Lunching at Nivia Born Boutique Hotel, a delight for the senses

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Starting in July, the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel will be offering an exclusive lunch menu featuring local flavour dishes with a touch of gourmet flair. Every lunchtime, the famously well-balanced Mediterranean diet will be transformed into innovative gastronomic creations, elevating traditional cuisine to new heights with exquisite dishes.

The lunch menu at Nivia Born Boutique Hotel includes a starter, Read full article

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(Español) La Pareja Afrodisiaca: Ostras & Champagne

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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and French.

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Last week, on the 16th and 17th of June, the Nivia Born, boutique hotel in Palma, was honoured to host the first Slow Summer Market, a fresh market supporting local entrepreneurs and brands and Spanish brands, where elegance and originality were the key features.

The event was celebrated on the terraces at the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel, Read full article

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Nivia Born Boutique Hotel is hosting an exclusive gastronomic evening with food by Pau Navarro, from Clandestí, accompanied by wines from the Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine cellar

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Do you fancy attending an exquisite gastronomic evening at the most elegant boutique hotel in Palma? This Saturday, 19th of June, immerse yourself in the luxury and glamour of this unique gastronomic event which showcases wines from the Abadía Retuerta Le Domaine Cellar and fabulous cuisine by Pau Navarro, Chef at the trending restaurant, Read full article

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The Hidden Suite, our very special suite

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Immerse yourself in the luxury, glamour, elegance and personalised treatment so typical of the 1950s, whilst at the same time enjoying all the comforts and modern technology on offer at our boutique hotel in Palma, where the past and present unite to create a singular experience.

Wander through the corridors filled with art deco pieces, Read full article

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Stay on Palma de Mallorca’s Golden Mile

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the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel, the new luxury five star hotel in Mallorca. This luxury urban hotel makes its debut at the heart of Palma, on the Golden Mile, the majestic Paseo del Borne. Nivia Born provides the relaxation you deserve in a unique atmosphere that embodies nostalgia, Read full article

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