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Deepak Chopra awakens our awareness in Mallorca

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The lecturer and writer of bestsellers returns to the island thirteen years after his last visit to give a talk at the Palma Auditorium. If you love yoga and its philosophy, then this is an event you definitely won’t want to miss.

There’s no denying that we all lead excessively hectic lives and that we have far too many commitments and obligations, so much so that we often feel we can’t even take a break. Aware of this, author Deepak Chopra, from New Delhi, provides that longed-for parenthesis through the myriad insights he will share with us during his forthcoming visit to Mallorca – his only workshop in Spain in 2023.

A prominent figure and global pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, the aim of Chopra’s ‘Awakened Life’ workshop is to lead you by the hand to this new lifestyle. Make a note in your diary: the event will take place at 7pm next Monday, the 5th of June in the Sala Magna room of the Palma Auditorium, organised by Sadhana Works in collaboration with Nivia Born Boutique Hotel.

Author of such bestsellers as “Living in the Light”, “Total Meditation” and “Quantum Healing” – he has in fact published more than 90 books which have been translated into more than forty-three languages – Chopra’s workshop will guide you on how to wake up to new levels of awareness and to thereby enhance such capacities as intuition, creativity, decision-making and healing. The workshop will be in English with simultaneous translation.


Take a break with Nivia

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and pay attention to your body. Can you feel it? Your heart rate slows down and this moment is now filled with peace and relaxation. If you practice yoga regularly, you’ll be well aware of its effects and you’ll know that, along with meditation, it can help you achieve a more restful sleep, reduce stress levels and improve your mood.

Here at Nivia Born Boutique Hotel we also know that this is true, that’s why we offer you the possibility of practising this traditional Indian spiritual, physical and mental discipline whenever you wish to do so. The unique setting of our rooftop terrace or the facilities of Sadhana Works, just two minutes away from Nivia Born, await you to help you achieve the mental rest you know you need.


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