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Guaranteed rest and relaxation at the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

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Sleep has always been synonymous with rest, comfort and a time to recharge our batteries ready to face the day ahead bursting with energy. Healthy sleep habits are as important as eating well and working out each day, as although our mind and body switch off while we sleep, our vital organs remain hard at work.

Our daily lives are filled with the demands placed on us by family, work and others, and it is therefore often hard to find time for ourselves. In order to keep up with our busy schedules, all too often we give up hours of sleep, which are essential for our wellbeing. Apart from the endless pleasure it produces, a good night’s sleep – in other words 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted slumber – has many more benefits. Indeed, healthy sleep habits do us a world of good: here are the top 5 positive effects for our organism, recommended by specialists:

  • A boost for the memory: sleep strengthens our neural connections, transforming our short term memories into long term remembrance.
  • Increased creativity: our memory works best when our mind is at rest and hormone production is balanced, firing our imagination and making us more creative.
  • Protection for the heart: A recent study claimed that people with insomnia are more prone to the risk of a heart attack. Lack of sleep increases stress hormone levels in the bloodstream, increasing our blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Help with weight loss: sleep deprivation means that the adipocytes release less leptin, the hormone that suppresses appetite.
  • Relief for depression: while we are asleep, the body relaxes, boosting the production of melanin and serotine. These hormones combat stress hormones and help us to feel happier and emotionally stronger.

For all these reasons, one of our goals at the Nivia Born Boutique, our hotel situated in Palma’s historic quarter, is to ensure that you enjoy a truly refreshing and restorative night’s sleep in our rooms. And to help you do just that, we have a large menu of pillows so you can choose the type best suited to your needs, guaranteeing your maximum comfort and a relaxing and restful experience.

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