Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

Safety Consciousness

Because you and our staff are our top priority, we have created the “Safety Consciousness” project, which lists all the post-COVID-19 safety protocols we have implemented to guarantee the necessary health and hygiene measures for you to enjoy a safe and well-deserved holiday with us.

Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

Our guests:

You will be informed through signs and other mediums about the latest health recommendations and action protocols.

  • Keep the safety distance and respect the established capacity limits.
  • Disinfect your hands in the entrance before entering the hotel or its facilities.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, especially after using the bathroom and public areas.
  • If you start to have symptoms like fever, coughing or shortness of breath, please stay in your room and contact reception.
  • We recommend paying by card whenever possible.
Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

Our staff:

  • All our employees are qualified and trained and have received additional specific training on how to implement the new hygiene and safety measures and on the use of protective materials.
  • We guarantee their proper protection, providing the necessary time and resources for them to carry out all the required prevention and disinfection actions.
  • Disinfection and control measures like taking their temperature will be applied when they arrive to work.
  • They have been provided with the necessary personal protective materials for carrying out their jobs. Their use is mandatory, and training on their proper usage has been provided.
  • A health check is performed before beginning the employment relationship.
  • We have created reminders regarding social distancing, the correct use of facilities, cleaning and disinfection protocols, receipt of goods, etc.
  • The arrangement of workspaces and shifts have been modified to guarantee the staff is able to meet the social distancing requirements.
Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

Our reception:

  • The waiting area has been adapted to meet the required safety distances and dimensions. A limit on the number of people allowed in reception at any given time has been set. Informative measures to ensure social distancing is maintained have been put in place.
  • We have a disinfection area in the entrance with hand sanitiser and shoe disinfection.
  • Contactless POS and other devices used by guests are disinfected after every use. Offered as preferred payment method.
  • Increased periodicity and overall time dedicated to cleaning, disinfecting and ventilating common areas.
Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

Our rooms:

  • Our establishment’s existing protocols are maintained and emphasised after having been updated in the context of COVID-19 to avoid cross-contamination and guarantee a correct disinfection.
  • Increased daily cleaning time after guests exit a room, with increased use of virucidal products during cleaning and disinfection.
  • Increased control, quality and disinfection of the air conditioning and heating ducts.
Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

The Food & Beverage Department:

  • The guests’ dining areas are regularly disinfected.
  • Physical menus have been removed and replaced with fixed signs and QR codes that can be scanned on mobile phones.
  • Table decorations, cruets, toothpicks and other services have been removed from tables and replaced with environmentally friendly single-use items.
  • The staff will wear masks whenever they cannot guarantee the safety distance.
  • Hand sanitiser for disinfecting hands in the entrance.
  • Our HACCP internal systems and internal and external audits have been updated in the context of COVID-19. Increased temperature controls of train-washing units in the kitchen. Use of virucidal products for disinfecting cutlery and crockery.
  • Alarms are set to go off every 30 minutes throughout the shifts of all F&B staff to remind them to wash and disinfect their hands.

Our processes are constantly audited to guarantee their correct implementation, allowing us to update, modify and improve accordingly.