Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

Pet Friendly

Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

At the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel, your pet is always welcome. We want you to enjoy a fabulous stay with all your loved ones, and of course, that includes your pet weighing up to 5 kg. That’s why the pet-friendly rooms at the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel feature exclusive amenities such as a soft pet bed as well as water and food bowls. This way, your pet will be as comfortable as you during your stay, in a peaceful and impeccable setting that guarantees their wellbeing in a safe and familiar environment.

What’s more, your pet can stay completely free of charge, provided that you book via our website!

A unique and exclusive advantage for our most loyal guests who book via the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel website.

We want you to enjoy a complete experience, which is why you should choose the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel every time.

Pets weighing up to 5 kg are allowed.

*Only one pet allowed per room.