Pet Friendly - Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

Pet friendly

Welcome, pets

Your pet is always welcome at Nivia Born Boutique Hotel. We want you to enjoy an exquisite stay with all your loved ones, including your pet. That’s why the pet-friendly rooms at Nivia Born Boutique Hotel offer exclusive services, with a soft bed, drinking fountain and feeding bowl in the room. In this way, your pet can enjoy a stay as comfortable as yours, in a quiet and caring environment that guarantees their well-being in a safe and familiar atmosphere.

What’s more, if you book through our website, your pet can stay completely free of charge! This is a unique and exclusive offer for our most loyal guests, those who book through the Nivia Born Boutique Hotel website.

Because we want you to enjoy the most complete experience, always choose Nivia Born Boutique Hotel.

*Pets weighing up to 5 kilos are welcome, only one per room.