Nivia Born Boutique Hotel

The Hotel

Our history

The Hotel

This hotel’s best kept secret is that the building once belonged to the airline Iberia, which made the building its first Head Office. One might say that this was the company that singlehandedly boosted tourism in Spain. That is why at Nivia Born Boutique Hotel we decided to include a nod to the history of the building that now houses our hotel.

On the 7th floor you can find aviation items dating back to the 1950’s, the Golden Age of travel, when glamour and comfort where of the essence. Of course, we cannot forget the special name we have chosen for our café: “Fly me to the Moon”, only for the most distinguished passengers and the first landing site of the morning where you can charge your batteries.

We guarantee that staying at Nivia Born Boutique Hotel is an unforgettable experience that will fill your trip with luxury and comfort. Welcome aboard!